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SIMP's commitment to Continuing Professional Development

Certification Renewals

We believe that SIMP Certified Professionals should continue to enhance and develop their skills throughout their career. Hence, to maintain their SIMP certification, professionals must meet a minimum number of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits within the Certification validity period.


At an individual level, CPD is an essential tool for learning and upgrading of professional skillsets. At the industry level, certification and licensing programs that use CPD credits help industries strengthen their credibility, institutionalize their best practices and cultivate the next generation of practitioners.


SIMP officially recognises earned CPD credits through our list of accredited CPD providers.

CPD Requirements for SIMP
Certification Renewals

Required Hours

The minimum amount of CPD credits that SIMP's certified professionals must accumulate by attending training courses offered by our accredited CPD providers:


FORTY-EIGHT (48) hours earned within the THREE (3) year validity of the SIMP certification


Professional / Educator / Executive

THIRTY-TWO (32) hours earned within the TWO (2) year validity of the SIMP certification

Certification Fees

Applicable for all candidates who fulfil the required number of CPD credits through our accredited CPD providers:


Online Application

S$ 105


Online Application

S$ 75


Online Application

S$ 75


Online Application
S$ 95

Terms & Conditions

Tracking and Reporting CPD for SIMP Certification Renewal

Every two (2) years or three (3) years, in conjunction with the certification expiry date, certified professionals must submit a CPD Declaration form, declaring if they met/did not meet the CPD requirement, or are exempt from the requirement. Certified professionals are required to retain CPD supporting documentation and records of enrollment/training subscription, etc. It is recommended that records be kept for a total of five years for possible review or audit by SIMP.


Failure to Comply

If a certified professional did not comply with the CPD requirements, a Plan of Action  (POA) form or an exemption request must be filed. The POA must indicate that the certified professional agrees to complete the CPD requirement within 180 days of the acceptance by SIMP of POA and that the certified professional agrees to notify SIMP once the CPD requirements are completed.


Failure to complete an approved POA within 180 days will result in the professional having to resit for a Certification Assessment, based on the standard Assessment Fees. 

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