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Making SIMP accessible

Affiliate Partner Programme

SIMP is partnering with institutions around the globe who share our belief in recognizing continuous professional development. Our certification programmes are available online and through these institutions in our Affiliate Partner Programme. The benefits of being part of our Affiliate Partner Programme include:

  • SIMP Certification Fees will be subsidized for any candidate taking an assessment through an Affiliate Partner.

  • Affiliate Partners can choose to provide Review Classes for SIMP’s assessments to their students, as additional course offerings. As SIMP accredited Review Centres, Affiliate Partners can also open enrollment for Review Classes to members of the public who are able to take SIMP Assessments at their facilities. All matters related to Review Classes such as tuition fees, facilities, schedules, etc. is left to the discretion of the Affiliate Partner.

  • SIMP Certification Programmes contribute internationalization to any institution looking to offer a broader range of educational programmes from around the world.

  • As long as they meet the requirements of the SIMP Certification Programme and achieve the 70% grade of the SIMP Certification Assessment, all graduates from Affiliate Partner institutions will be awarded with the relevant Degree from the institution + SIMP Certification, widely regarded as an International Professional Certification.

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