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Building a world of quality professionals

We believe in advancing the development of aspiring professionals by assessing and recognizing their skillsets based on both academic and practical applications. Which is why we have designed certification programmes which validate professional competence and encourage continuing professional development across multiple disciplines.

About Us

The Singapore Institute of Multidisciplinary Professions (SIMP) provides comprehensive certification programmes for practitioners with varied education levels and professional experience. These industry-based certification programmes are carefully designed through strenuous development phases by global professionals and academics in their respective fields of discipline. SIMP places high emphasis on the degree of relevance and objectivity in the implementation of our certification programmes. The certifications are validated by the Honorary Professional Certification Governance and Quality Council (HPCGQC) to ensure they meet the highest standard of academic and professional applications.

Why Get SIMP Certified?

Comprehensive & Relevant

SIMP’s certification programmes are industry-based and continuously updated by professionals and academic achievers from various countries, cultures, and professional experience levels with international perspectives.


Standards applied in the development process of the certification programmes are gathered internationally and are not just specific to a particular organization or institution.

Validate Professional Skills

Certification holders have demonstrated proficiency and competency utilizing well-scrutinized instruments of assessment.

Credibility & Reliability

Quality and standards of the certification programmes are upheld and regulated by the quality certification councils. These councils comprise of respectable professionals, practitioners, and academics backed by proven experience, high academic reputation and achievements in their specific fields of expertise.


Professional certification programmes offered by SIMP enable candidates who have satisfied the requirements to use their respective designatory titles upon successfully completing the assessments.

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